Friday, 5 February 2010

Friday stuff

Forgot to mention on my last post that Thatchers canal experts and driving partners Nick Chedzoy and Nicky Ewers didn't come back to the results of the last Commercial House. Both these guys have recently won matches on the canal, seems as though they got the shi5 end of the stick this time. Mr Ewers drew his usual end peg and still could only manage an 1oz, so I guess he didn't want to come back for the verbal, LMAO!

I wasn't sure where to fish this weekend, whilst I knew the canal match was going to be a big event I wanted a rest from boats and bikes. So after a phone call to Tony Rixon and then Mike Nichols I decided to book in for Hill View. I haven't been there for quite a few years, don't know why really as I always enjoyed fishing the place.

I have made up some rigs for the canals, which I hope will do the business, and hope that I get a few bites on them.

I took a drive down to Chew Valley Lake today, and saw in the visitors centre that Otters had been encouraged back to the lake after a 30 year absence. Well there is one less Otter because just as I passed Villice bay I saw a animal on the side of the road. I pulled over to take a look and it was an otter which had been recently run over. This was my second instance of otters in two days, as on Thursday Warren Bates rang to tell me he had seen two pairs of otters up the Crane whilst fishing. In two hours Warren only managed to catch 1 dace, but one of the otters caught a 1.5lb skimmer.....

Have heard the weather is going to get cold again, I hope it doesn't last as I'm looking forward to getting a few bag up sessions in on the river. But knowing my luck the river will be spot on come March 15th!

Good luck Tom.

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