Friday, 3 September 2010

BRI Visits

I have been to the hospital twice this week, already getting to know my way around now and recognising fellow patients!

My first visit was to see my consultant Dr Falk, apparently he's the top man, and a very nice bloke he is. He told me the size of the tumour is small and not a problem, but the position of the tumour being so close to my arse makes things more tricky (not much room inside the pelvis). So they want to shrink the tumour as much as possible before trying to remove it, and this means I will have to have 5 weeks of chemo and radio therapy. Dr Falk proceeded to explain the likely side effects and that these wouldn't likely kick in until the last week of treatment and then for a number of weeks after. It is the radiation, it gets at you once it has built up over time. Most of the likely side effects are going to be feeling sick, tiredness, the shits and few more that I won't mention here! Oh, and I'll be infertile but that's not a problem because I already had the snip! They measured my height and weight and took blood (my arms like a pepper pot) all of which is used to determine the dosage level of treatments.

On Wednesday I was in having another CT scan, this time they were "measuring" me up for the radio therapy. So I now have two crosses on my thighs and a small tattoo dot on my arse. I have to this done all over again on the 17th Sept when they check the measurements are all correct. Then on the 20th Sept (would you believe the day after my birthday) I start the treatment, and it ends on the 22nd Oct. Five weeks after the treatment ends I will be scanned again to see if the tumour has shrunk enough, and if it has then 3 to 5 weeks later I would be operated on.... hmmm that's around Christmas!

Well the above means that I should be fishing the river well into October, and will battle the side effects best I can to carry on fishing. I am going to fish the Super league this Sun at Newbridge (that will be a shock after all the carping!) the Winter league Final on the Nene and then the Avon county champs top 20 fish off at Cider Farm and so on.

I have to say so far my experience at the BRI has been great, all the staff I have come into contact with have been superb and explained everything perfectly. The only problem is parking!

I hope people do not find me writing this up in any way sick, I am doing it because 1) It helps me and 2) I have been much bettered prepared for my trips to the BRI thanks to info from other people who have gone through this process, and whilst I certainly do not want anyone reading this to go through it if you do this might just help.

Above all I am totally positive of the outcome (if you've met me recently you will know this) and not worried in the slightest. See you on the bank!

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  1. Tim,

    If you write about it and it feels good carry on and I will read have my support from afar..

    When Bert was ill last Nov I parked daily in the car park up from the BRI,,cant remeber the name but I think its Coulston St..reasonably priced and spaces available...if your not driving yourself get driver to drop you off at the BRI and then once they,ve parked and walked down you have have checked into the hospital...Its better than waiting for a space in the hospital car park as its to small for the number of patients and visitors.

    All staff at the BRI r great and under paid from what I see...I have the greatest respect for the hospital staff...

    Good luck with the next few angling adventures....will read in antisipation..

    You have my support..