Sunday, 27 March 2011

CARPS AC series Viaduct Fishery

Glenn Bailey had booked into the last match of this series as a guest, and he asked if I wanted to tag along. I was up for a bit of that, so out came the deck chair!

The day before on the venue had been the Paul Garrett memorial and several 100lb+ weights had been taken which suggested today would be just as good. Glenn was no slouch at the drawbag pulling out 128 on Campbell which has been a very consistent peg for carp. Three anglers were in with a chance of being the series winner overall and they all drew in a line; Andy Lloyd on peg 113, Chris Davis peg 114 and Tim Pallant on 115. As I wandered around Campbell I could see that most anglers had set up a straight lead, deep wag and pole for long and margin, there were also a few pellet wags on show. Pellet and meat were by far the dominant baits on the anglers trays, no surprise there.

The match started with a NE breeze that was blowing into and across the bank that Glenn was on. Within a short time odd carp were coming out, and many were also being lost. Stu Foale on peg 129 had lost 3 on the deep wag (foulers) and was forced to join the lead chuckers, but it was a good move as he started to catch. Chris on 115 mugged some early carp on the long pole and Andy Lloyd was catching on lead or wag on pellet. Glenn had a slow start but was not to far behind after the first hour.

Two hours in and I was hungry but Paul Greenwood was not in the shop and so I went to see what was happening on Carey (it took me another hour to get nourishment!). Three anglers in a row were fishing for silvers (Rich Coles, John Green and Dave Roper) pegs 98, 97 and 96 respectively. They were catching small skimmers with the odd better one thrown in but were complaining the bites were iffy. There were some carp on pegs 86, 94 and 100 at this stage. Back to Campbell on the guy on 119 was now doing well on the wag to the end bank, as was Lewis Greenwood on 110. I thought Stu Foale, Chris Davis and Andy Lloyd were the leading contenders, but with 2 hours to go things changed. Andy Lloyd really got the carp going on the wag shallow and he motored ahead of the rest.

The final top 3 weights were :-

Andy Lloyd 217lb peg 113
Chris Davis 170lb peg 114
Dick Bull 148lb peg 94

(Not sure who won the series, Andy or Chris?)

There were also ton weights recorded on pegs, 86, 129 (Stu), 124 (Steve Skelton), 119, 116 (Tim Pallant). Lewis may have had a ton but Glenn had to get home for a music concert so I didn't see him weigh.

On the silvers front those three anglers on Carey dominated..

Dave Roper 50lb peg 96
John Green 39lb peg 97
Rich Coles 35lb peg 98 (top silvers on Campbell 27lb 1oz from peg 132)

Well as you can see the warm weather really helped lift the weights today, although Glenn could only manage 70lb (!), and I really wanted to have a chuck. I must say I was impressed with Andy Lloyd, I already knew he was a good angler but he made the wag work and got the carp lined up, a slick performance and he didn't mind me watching. From a purists point of view it was also nice to see the the float beat the lead chuckers, a sign maybe winter is past?

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