Sunday, 8 April 2012

Back to Square One!

Hey everyone,

Just a quick post to advise that I am finally back home after just over 2 weeks in hospital. My reversal operation seem to go well, but in fact it couldn't have gone worse. Three days after the reversal op I was given an emergency operation as I was going downhill fast. I'll omit the gory details, but after a lengthy op I ended up in intensive care and then 5 days in a high dependency unit and suffice to say I was touch and go for a while, the Docs said being fit was a major reason for me pulling through.

To top it all during the emergency op everything had to be reversed again, meaning I still have the bag. I also have an open wound which requires daily dressing and I've lost a stone and a half in weight (like I was fat anyway!). All this means my road to recovery is going to be a lot longer than I would have liked and I won't be able to draw any flyers for quite a while. Still I am determined to build myself back up again, take each day as it comes and get back on the bank when I can. In the mean time I'll have to be content reading blogs and magazines, thanks for all the support, see you soon.



  1. Great to know your on the mend. Get well soon!! By the way, when your well enough can you come and draw my peg for me!! Ha,Ha!
    Seriously, it will be good to see you on the bank and in the shop again!

  2. Hi Tim, really sorry to hear the op didnt go as expected, but pleased to hear you are still with us!

    I'm sure it wont be long before you start drawing those flyers.

  3. just remember the tackle caddy,s are waiting. i look forward to seeing you in the shop asap but take your time make sure you are right

  4. all the best mate ed wynne.

  5. to many fish to catch not to pull through
    love reading your blogs take care

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  7. Keep reading my blog and you'll know exactly how not to fish the pegs....

    Glenn told me today how bad you'd been, glad to hear you're getting over it.

    Looking forward to seeing you sat on a corner flier sometime soon.


  8. get well soon mate
    all the best ackoo

  9. Thank you lads, seem to have a bit of dust in my eyes!