Monday, 13 August 2012

Weekend Results

I've just come back from a very nice long weekend away in Dorset, lucky this time as the sun shone and I found a pub that sold Taunton Traditional cider.

On Saturday just gone Thatchers came 6th in the WL final which was halfway, with Dorking winning as usual! Thatchers had some good results, and Lee Trivett got into the frame with 100lb+ of F1's, unfortunately 2 anglers came last in their section and you can't carry those results in such a tough match.

There have been quite a few matches run on the Avon this weekend as anglers practice for the Div 2 national. Though I have noticed a number of visiting anglers comments have been derogatory about some of the pegging of these matches, and the lack of fish. One angler who came down from the Fens said he had to walk what seemed miles to his peg after a large amount of pegs were left unpegged. He caught naff all and to rub salt into hs wounds when walking back those pegs left out were now full of pleasure anglers bagging roach on tares!

The 5th round of the Superleague was held at Newbridge and the match was won by Chris (Gappy) Parr with 35lb, Andy Power was 2nd with 21lb, 20lb was 3rd and 15lb 4th. On the team front Thatchers won on the day and have sneaked into 2nd overall but are still 8 points behind Thyers with 1 round left.

Seems the colour has now dropped out of the river and the bream have stopped munching without fear. I think there is some more rain to come this week so there will be colour in the river, just depends how much. That would be good as I want to walk the banks and if it is coloured then I won't be skylining anyone!

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