Sunday, 28 April 2013

Acorn Pole Only Series Round 4

Sorry there was no blog last week, I was over to Munich again and intended to look at my diary for an old blog but ran out of time. This Sunday I made my own way down to Acorn as Glenn had gone off for a few days holiday (he did fish Acorn on Saturday but best not mention he DNW). The weather forecast said it would feel very cold and so I chucked a couple of extra layers on, but I ended taking them off as it was quite pleasant I thought.

I was going to be on the dog bone lake this week, and when I arrived at the fishery I drove up to the lake and parked my car near the bridge, close to peg 4 which was the peg I wanted to draw as it had won the lake the last 3 rounds. I also fancied end peg 8 for a weight of carp. At the draw my section was first to pull the pegs, I  stuck my mit in the ice cream tub and found peg 7 looking back at me which I thought meant I would be fishing for 3rd at best. I watched some of the other lads draw and league leader Pete Bartlett did a Rolf Harris by getting a bridge peg, fair shout.

Getting to my peg I had Glen Calvert on end peg 8 (who said he really wanted to fish for silvers) and Pete Lasson on the other side of me (I drew this peg in the first round), Matty Toomes was on peg 4 and I couldn't see him messing that peg up. I mixed up a bit of groundbait which was never used, prepared some micros and set about making up some rigs. A 4x12 slim bristle job with 0.1 to 18 PR412 was for skimmers at 11mtr and 13 mtr to my right. A 4x12 with 0.12 and 18 B911 for across the far bank, and lastly a 4x10 Durafloat 10 for across but off the bottom again with 18 to 0.12. To start the match I fed micros at 11mtr and the 13mtr line to might right, and some across the far bank in a couple of spots. I decided to look across straight away and let the "skimmers" settle on the other lines. 15 mins later and I had no bites across, onto 11mtr and no bites, though after 30 mins I did see the float go under and a 2lb carp was netted. At this stage Glen was getting a bite across every chuck, and I could see the anglers below the bridge were all catching. In the next 30 mins I found 2 skimmers in 2 chucks and then 1 small carp across.

90 mins into the match and things were grim, the only person I was beating was Pete on 6, I had tried various hook baits and fed one line heavier than the other, but nothing was working. Glenn Bailey had rung me and didn't talk for long as I think I was a tad "pissed off" with my lot, lol! As Glen Calvert was catching odd fish and there were carp topping occasionally in his swim I decided to make some noise! Out came the catty and I started firing 4mm pellets to the far bank in an attempt to draw some fish into my devoid swim. I gave it 20 mins and then dropped the 4x12 rig right over with a soft pellet, the float went under, and for the next hour it continued to go under steadily. I was catching carp from 4oz to 2lb and took a few shallow on the 4x10 rig too, but then all of a sudden it slowed up and so I rested this line and tried the open water swims (including a caster line at 5m which yielded a see through rudd!). No bites in the open water, so after 15 mins I went back across but it was still very quiet, I then decided to try my skimmer rig about a metre off the far bank where some pellets fall short from the catty feeding (quite a few with my rubbish accuracy!). This was a good move and I then caught steadily here until an hour to go when the wind got up very badly and ruined the presentation. I tried bigger floats and line on the deck but only managed 4 small carp and lost 4 foulers in the last hour.

I knew I 'd been beaten by Matty on peg 4 (he ended with 61lb) but was not sure about the others, in the end I weighed 50lb 1oz which included 9lb of silvers (skimmers and 3 big F1's) and that was good enough for 2nd. Glen on the end had 36lb and he had 22lb of silvers, Pete was last with 11lb. Mark Bromsgrove won the silvers again with a nice 35lb net and has won the silvers section every match!

The league overall will be headed by Pete Bartlett as he won his section again, see Chris Fox's blog for full results. Overall young Joe McMahon won with 104lb from bridge peg 40, pellet shallow, well don Joe!

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