Sunday, 19 May 2013

Tony Rixon float only league round 1 Viaduct

Funny night out last night, I went to a 25th Wedding Anniversary party, it was for one of my wife's friends and I thought I wouldn't know a soul. As soon as I walked through the door there was Roger Andonio, he was the brother law of the friend, small world!! I was late in deciding to fish this league as I knew I was away on holiday for one of the dates, but when I found out a reserve could fish for you I booked in. Mike Nicholls is my stand in for the round at the Sedges. Driving down to Viaduct with Glenn I told him I'd like to draw next to him today, the reason being he had a radio and he could keep me informed of the football results! After a sausage and egg roll it was into the draw tin, Glenn draws 87 and I draw 86, bugger me I must be psychic, lol.

I got to my peg and saw that in the section Tony Rixon was on 81, Gord Cannings was on my right in 85, and Adrian (fouler) Jeffery was on 88.

Setting up today I took out my two reels and realised that one of them was my river reel with 3lb line, only one waggler today then. Edged my bets with a deep wag with just two tens down the line ending with a 14 PR38 to 0.18. For the pole I set up a shallow rig 0.18 to 16 PR36, a paste rig 0.18 to size 10 Drennan Nu hook, and a 6x10 meat rig on 0.18 to 14 PR476. I didn't bother with a margin rig as I felt there was not enough room. I started the match by feeding 8mm pellets at 15m for the paste / shallow line, meat at 6mtrs and started on the waggler. Glenn hooked a carp on virtually each of his first 3 casts on the wag....and lost them all. I wasn't getting any bites on the wag whilst Glenn and Adrian had plenty of indications, then I hooked one and played it all the way in and then pulled out a scale, I could of sworn it was properly hooked too! I saw a fizz on my pole line and with no action on the wag I had to try the paste and this was better as I had two carp and that was my tally at the end of the first hour. Phil Harding on 90 had bagged on the wag to the corner bank, and then he snapped his rod.

Another look on the wag and I managed to finally land a carp, a small one at 5lb, small for Carey anyway. But again the wag just did not work for me. By the end of hour two I had four carp as another had fallen to the paste, Glenn was stuck on 1, Adrian had 2 and Gordon had three. I tried fishing shallow at 15m because I had notice a couple of fish swirl, but try as I might all I could get was the odd roach bite on a 10mm pellet. I dropped in on the meat line a couple of times and when I dropped in this time the float buried immediately  but like most of my meat fishing that was it. I felt my best bet was to stick to the paste line and hope the meat  would work later on, as I thought this Glenn had a run of fish on the wag and Adrian was still landing the odd fouler on the wag (one he got out went out to the middle then to peg 85, through mine and Glenn's pegs!).

The paste line kept my interest and I felt I had it sorted feeding and waiting for the one fish, then I hooked something which tore off and straightened my hook. I attached a size 10 B911 which I thought would be stronger and was glad I did when next cast everything bottomed out. After 10 mins I had what looked like a 16lb+ common on my top set and 5 mins later it snapped me. It did so only because I had pulled out so much elastic on the puller, that showed my rustiness fishing for munters! Mirrors are much easier to land and a big double made my landing net pole make a nasty sound! I took another big double on the meat, again the float buried within a few seconds of the bait touching bottom. In the last 30 mins I landed another carp on the  paste but pulled out of 3 foulers.

I'd ended with 11 carp (probably lost the same) , Glenn had 9 and so did Adrian, Gordon 6 but Tony had 13. Tony won the section with 125lb, Adrian 2nd with 98lb (3 of his fish went 41lb and that was without the stab vests) and I had 97lb, Glenn had 85lb and Gordy brought up the rear with 65lb.

Not the best of starts for me in the league, but not having fished for the Carey lumps for 2 years I'm not surprised, and these are wise fish! The match was won by Craig Edmunds on Campbell peg 132 with 160lb, a lot of his fish came to meat in the last 2 hours. Top weight on Carey was Dave Roper on peg 96 I think, he had 140lb I think mainly on meat. Not sure about silvers as we left before the results. Off to Acorn next week for the last round of the pole series, need a section win and lots of results to go my way to sneak in the overalls though.

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