Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Avalon Fishery - Additional Material

Apparently I have some of my facts slightly wrong about Avalon. I have been told that my congratulations should have gone to Leigh Nutland for all the improvements that have taken place at the fishery. Well I thought Vic Bush (MOSELLA MOGUL) owned the place and so he must be doing all the work!

I'm sure there is a large amount of endeavour by both Vic and Leigh, and perhaps my glowing report on the venue and this correction will earn me a free days fishing at the stunningly superb AVALON FISHERY... Mind you I used to fish with Vic at Thatchers, and he was always a bit shy when the bar opened so I won't hold my breath!

If anyone knows when the next open match is to be held at Avalon let me know please as I can't wait to get back there. As it is I'm going back to Cider Farm this Sunday, there were 4 tons there over the weekend, again proving it fishes best when it's overcast.

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