Tuesday, 11 August 2009

How did I forget !

I was a bit rushed writing my last post due to the fact I was taking the kids to see the latest Harry Potter movie, well they wanted to go so I had to do the decent thing and go with them, ahem.

I realise that I forgot to mention who won the Superleague individually, it was the Thatchers team mascot Steve Tucker with 19lb. Tucks had 4 bream in the last hour, but was at pains to point out he had already done well with 8lb of skimmers. Nice one Tucks, I'll have a pint next time I see you on the River! Tim Pallant of Maver Veals was 2nd with 16lb, he has been doing well here and you have to say he has it sussed. I enquired with the Veals lads after the match as to where Glenn Bailey was, they didn't know, so I told them he was at Cider Farm!

I noticed reading Match Fishing magazine that this months caption competition featured a certain Tony Rixon. I have entered 15 different captions, I doubt any of them will win but it has given me great satisfaction taking the mic!

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  1. i have even sent my own captions in but as with most of the other ones i have heard they will probably be mostly unprintable, but i still think that face has bee digitally remastered