Friday, 2 October 2009

Conham for a few hours

Fished at Conham Friday with Warren Bates, and there are still shed loads of dace there!

Tried to fish the wag for chub but it was dace all the way, didn't mind this as it was good to work out the best way to hit the bites. For a while it was just cast out and strike after 2 seconds, if nothing there repeat the process. I could get 3 bites at the cherry every cast this way, and it worked for about a hour and a half until the fish dropped deeper and then you had to hit the bites or count a bit longer!

I was fishing 0.14 to a 16 B611 and the dace didn't mind one bit, I tried to feed them off but all that did was drive them into more of a frenzy on the surface.

Warren gave the wag up pretty quickly and concentrated on the pole with hemp (I was stood up fishing so the pole was a non starter for me). He would get a burst of fish and then nothing, and was getting 5 dace to 1 roach, but the fish were all a good size. The Tower Belle boat came up river, we knew a big boat was on the way because the river started flowing 5 minutes before it arrived, it was travelling so fast that it coloured the river up, and when it came back down it did the same again. This seemed to bring the dace on more and in Warrens peg he could not catch deep as the dace were taking his hemp 4ft deep!

I had been casting the wag through a gap in the trees across, and eventually after a close escape I lost the lot. I quickly took a crowquill out and decided to try and see what was on the bottom. I could only get little dace across, all the better ones were on top. But I had fed 1/2 pint of hemp in close early on and I took a few nice roach here but I was fishing far to heavy for the fish.

We both ended with at least 15lb of fish each, and I'm sure if the dace would give it a rest you could get a big bag of roach.

1st round of ATWL this weekend, hope I get a good un.

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