Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Cider in my Computer?

Got a major problem with my pc, it either has a virus or something has gone seriously wrong with it! It would not boot up and just crashed every time, I have manged to stop the crashing but still cannot actually make anything work! This post is being written in a Internet cafe!

Sunday morning saw my third consecutive visit to Cider Farm, Glenn arrived a little early but I was all ready to go. This was Glenns first trip for a few months and was extracting all the info he could about how the venue was fishing. There was a healthy turnout of about 38, and this meant Dabinett would be in as well as Yarlington. Fishery owner Mark Gibson reckons I have a complex about Dabinett, and one that I should overcome, he's right I do because unless you are on the pegs on the gap you have hells job of doing well. Anyway I hoped to avoid Dabinett as I queued for a peg, John Paige asked if I would draw for him and I pulled 28 for him and 12 for me, both on Dabinett. John was not best pleased and let me know with a tirade of four letter words, he should have asked someone else to draw because I haven't drawn a flyer since last October on the canal.

I was hoping for some nods to draw on the gap on Dabinett but when I realised that Glenn, Martin Reyatt and Brian Slipper were drawn there I was up against it. Isn't it funny how people turn up to a venue for the first time and draw flyers?

On to peg 12 and it was down at the end of the island, with some thick reeds to the left and a few reeds to the right but a nice bit of bare bank in between. It was quite windy so hard to make out if any carp were in the reeds, but I did spot a couple. I set up two rigs for on top the shelf, both 4x8 bristle floats on 0.13, one was for banded pellet the other for soft pellet. A depth rig was just right for the left hand margin and just past middle so that would do me. I fed some micros and a few 4mm pellets straight across on the bare bank, some further up the island at 14mtrs. I fed micros and maggots just past middle and some pellet and corn down the margin. Starting just past middle I had nothing on pellet, but switching to maggot brought some rudd and a skimmer. This was not what I was looking for and so went across on banded 8mm pellet, I had no indications for 10 mins and then the float buried. Carp no1 was netted, but at 12oz it was much smaller than expected for this lake. I continued to have a slow but steady match, taking the odd carp from across by toss potting in micros, the only thing which worried me was the small size of the carp.

I had a quick walk to see Glenn and Martin and they were doing a bit better than me in terms of number of fish, but not massively, so I plodded on. The fish size increased a bit after 3 hours, with a couple of 3lb fish showing up. The far bank had started to die by now, but the line up at 14 mtrs right across was not working and the margin was dead for the whole match! Eventually the 14mtr line threw some fish up and the last 20 mins of the match here were the best on the soft pellet rig. I had 22 carp in the end and new that was no where near enough but at least I had enjoyed a days fishing. I weighed 48lb 5oz, and this actually put me 4th on the lake behind :-

Glenn Bailey 91lb 2oz
Brian Slipper 91lb
Martin Reyatt 74lb

The top 3 in each section of 12+ anglers were paid out, so I won nowt. I was also 4th overall in the match and still won nowt! So as for my initial thoughts on Dabinett I still find it a very tough place to win money from unless you can draw on the gap. (I do know that the pegs next to the gap framed on Sunday, but then Gary Cross was on one of the gap pegs, so enough said!)

I'm going back to Cider Farm this Sunday, it's just on Yarlington this time so whilst there are still some iffy pegs my mindset will be better. About time I drew a flyer!

Apologies if this is a bit short money run out!

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