Sunday, 22 May 2011

Chilton Trinity Wildmarsh Lake

I have never fished this particular lake before, and I won't be rushing back. I was travelling with Glenn Bailey for the first time in many weeks, and we both had little idea of how this place would fish except for info from Tony Rixon and Bob Gullick. Even when we drew our pegs we had no idea of the actual where abouts of them! Peg 51 was my station for the day and Glenn's was 12. I didn't fancy my peg, Charlie Barnes said it was not a good area, and despite all the wind it was flat calm!

I set up a 1gm rig with 0.1 to 18, a 2gm rig with 0.12 to 16 these were for out at 14.5 mtrs where I would feed gbait,caster and worm on one line and micro pellet on an angle. A 4x14 with 0.1 to 18 was for caster at 5mtrs and 4x10 0.18 to 16 for the margins. I fed 5 balls gbait with a good helping of worm and caster, and half a pot of micros at the start. I left the margins alone to see what would happen. Straight out on the gbait line and it was a bite a chuck but only from very small roach, increasing the hookbait size made no difference either, but I did push the bulk down and pushed the droppers together. Fishing single caster I could get 2oz roach, not great but I thought I would go with the flow hoping the skimmers would turn up. I did get 2 skimmers after 90 mins, but they were only 8oz fish and I had no more. I had already topped up with the odd ball of gbait but things were very slow so I fed 2 decent balls and dropped in on the micro pellet line. Despite trying all sorts of hookbaits I never had one bite on this line all match!

I caught some roach at 5mtr on caster (I had been feeding it from the start) but if I caught 5 fish I was lucky and they would not stay. The gbait line would only yield small roach and despite refeeding the skimmers never showed. A couple of people had already been for a walk and I could see in my area it was tough, however on island peg 2 Dave Roper had a couple of decent carp as had Steve Preece just down from the bridge. A few bonus fish appeared on the road bank, Charlie Barnes had 4 barbel, Steve Hutchinson a bream and a couple of carp had been lost. With just over two hours to go I fed 2 pints of pellet in the right hand margin and 1/2 pt caster and some worms in the left hand margin. I went for a quick walk and decided to fish the margins for the rest of the match to try to have a chance of some coin. However, I never had a fish, and so I chucked back around 8lb of fish to end a fairly miserable day for me, cos I also found out my pride and joy plant at home had snapped in the wind, pissing wind!

It appeared that where I was pegged on the day was not good, Turkey to my left DNW and said he had about 7lb of bits and Johnny Baker to my right reckoned he had 5lb. However, there were some fish caught, with Dave Roper winning with a last cast carp taking him to 46lb, Paul Elmes had 45lb on the paste from peg 9 (after he went to McDonalds during the match as he was so fed up!!!) and Glenn Bailey was 3rd with 43lb. Glenn had 15lb of silvers and 28lb of carp, he was an end peg and this must have helped a bit. Glenn could have won the match as he lost a 5lb carp and a 15lb carp both at the net! Steve Kedge won the silvers from next to Dave Roper with 20lb.

Not a good day for me, but then I've had my fair share of good pegs lately and you gotta take the rough with the smooth!

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