Sunday, 17 February 2013

Matches on the Avon today

As I mentioned in my blog last week I was not going fishing this weekend, in fact I spent Saturday at Bristol Rovers downing far too many pint of Guinness knowing that Sunday was a lie in bed! I had a text whilst supping a pint asking why was I not at Thatchers for a team photo (in our new clothing), well that was because nobody told me! Though to be fair the do at Rovers was a hospitality job and so I couldn't have got to Thatchers even if I had been told.

I knew there were a couple of matches on the river today and thought I ought to report on what I have managed to pick up. The first match was fished at Frys, and only a small number of people were there but they all managed to catch. Dean Harvey had top weight with 16lb of bream from about peg 28 just below the culvert. Mainly skimmers, and odd chub showed, hardly any roach bar a couple of decent ones. Warren Bates was drawn in the bay and caught a few small roach for 1lb 12oz on a pole feeder.

Up at the Crane there was a King Billy match, which I would have fished quite happily given the river was fining down although still to fast for the float. I gave Martyn Reyatt a quick call (still a couple of hours left to fish) and he told me he was blanking but he had missed a couple of bites. Martyn was on peg 81 in the Long Ashtip, this is one snaggy peg and I'm convinced a tree has been stuck down on the bottom for a few years now. Martyn advised that all the anglers upstream of him were blanking, whilst below him there were a few roach and the odd skimmer. Shaun Townsend who had been pegged above Martyn had packed up (for the 2nd Sunday running, lol) and decided to fish in the bay in the little ash tip. Shaun finished off a good day by blanking in his new swim, a double blank, lol! The match was won by Jan with 10lb 13oz, I believe he had some skimmers to make up his weight, Dave Tippett had 3lb+ including a few good roach. Oh and Martyn ended up blanking and so did a few others, so not good really.

I know that Shaun fished the Crane last Saturday and had a good day on the float, with a couple of bream and a few big roach, and I think that was the peg that won today. I think we need a dry and settled spell to kick the river into life, having just seen the weather forecast it looks dry but getting bloody cold again!

Hope if you got out you had a few bites today.

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