Sunday, 25 May 2014

Today and August 1995

I will just start off today by saying that I have had a better week personally although I am still a long way from "normal". Today I drove to Viaduct fishery and watched the league match that was taking place, this was a big step for me as I would be a long drive and a long way from the toilet! Sadly the fishery was having an off day and many anglers were struggling, it seemed to me that pegs 110, 111 and 132 on Campbell were the most consistent, with Des Shipp on 110 storming it catching on pellet long down the edge. Nice to see even top internationals struggle, Des had dropped his phone in the lake, snapped a number 5 and was hooking a lot of debris on the bottom, to be fair he didn't moan much. Two rods were pulled in on Carey lake, a tip rod was snapped and Nick Chedzoy broke a top set, I am sure there were more tackle casualties! I left with 90 mins of the match remaining glad I had visited, it was good to see so many anglers and I was humbled by the kind comments. I only crapped myself once so not to bad then! Expect to see results on Tony "eel" Rixon's blog.

Got home had a bit of tea and fell asleep, totally knackered me out that visit but all part of building myself up.

A little dip back in time again now... Saturday the 5th of August was a hot (86F) sunny day, and I fished the K&A canal at Claverton (on the pump) with Dave Haines. The canal here was very clear and we could see small fish everywhere, and a few lumps too. I fished straight down the middle of the canal and fed caster and hemp, and to begin fishing on the bottom with a 20 to 0.10 I caught a few perch but mainly roach. Bites went iffy and I switched to a small float which took 3 no 12 shot and used hemp on the hook, on this I took roach up to 12oz. I ended with a nice net of 13 1/2lb. Dave fished caster and fed it heavier and nailed double caster to the deck, he had 9lb which included 2 chub, 4 hybrids as well as roach. A great day. On Sunday I was fishing the Gloucester Canal Team Champs with Thatchers, I drew peg 84. A rancid 5 hours ensued and I never had a bite on the pole, but thankfully a couple of bites on the feeder came my way and I managed to connect with one and a 13 1/2oz skimmer was my lot! Thankfully my dismal day was soon forgotten as the team won the match and I was dead chuffed!

A week later and the weather was still scorchio! I pleasure fished at Jackie Whites on the Bristol Avon, fishing a peg I called the stump (now long gone due to overgrown) with simple bread and brown crumb and a crowquill. I expected to catch some skimmers, but the roach were feeding and 15lb of them kept me busy and very happy. Those really were the days!!!

Another week on and it was still baking hot! On Saturday 19th August I fished a match at Clifton Hampden and couldn't believe it when I drew the same peg I had in the team match a while back. Sadly another 20lb+ of roach did not materialise and I was bleaked out! Maggot and waggler was all wrong and it was the first time I saw perch being caught on the pole with chopped worm. The following day I fished at Shearwater lake on a nice friendly interclub match, I drew somewhere up past the lawn I recall. I put my long legs on my Boss box and walked 10 metres out and set up my fishing station there, being so hot I was just wearing shorts and daps! However, on my right Geoff Stone was none to happy as his pole line was behind where I was sitting lol! I fished an open feeder with a 16 to 2lb maxima, and using 3 red maggots I had 14 carp, 1 tench and 14lb of skimmers for a total of 46lb 12oz and first on the day. I fished on after and had at least 20lb in the next two hours.

Another day with Dave Haines, this time down at Bristol Docks on the center. Dave got his revenge today! I fished 6m to hand and fed some groundbait and loosefed caster and maggot over the top. I had a lovely day catching 19lb of mainly 6 to 8oz skimmers. However, Dave stuck to his beloved hemp and caster and had 24lb of roach. My last fishing in August was another day out at Shearwater lake, pleasure fishing on the dam wall. I fished a 4m whip with 18 to 0.12 on a 4x16 float. Feeding regular small balls of gbait with caster in I caught perch and roach up to a 1lb, one bream, and then asked the wife if she wanted a go. Of course she hooked a carp, and the rig was lost! Funny thing was she reckoned I had stitched her up hooking a "big one", which of course I hadn't. The carp then moved in and I switched to the pole and had 14 water pigs up to 6lb.

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