Monday, 27 April 2009

A Lodge of pleasure

The company I work for has like most been effected by the recession and I'm now on a 4 day week until further notice. I have a lot of DIY plans but they were put on hold as I decided to go to Viaduct fishery for a short pleasure fishing session. A friend and work colleague of mine Paul Corbett has spent 4 weeks at home recovering from a shoulder operation and accompanied me to relieve the boredom. Paul is famous for making the little blue pellet wagglers "Corbys". He started making these some years ago (again when he was bored at home) and I first saw one his wags when I took him pleasure fishing to Cary lake. I borrowed his rod and couldn't believe how well they cast and I told him he should see Tony Rixon and try to sell him some. Tony "poo pooed" them at first and never even tried them, but one day he saw one floating past him at Stafford Moor, retrieved it tried it and loved it. Of course once Tony started raving about the floats their fame spread across the S/West. Where's my commission Paul?

Anyway, back to the pleasure fishing session, Ian Parsons advised that Lodge lake had been fishing really well and if I sat in the middle of the lake I could have a good days skimmer fishing. That was good enough for me, as I was not feeling to well with a sore throat and a few aches and didn't want to battle with lots of munters. I sat on peg 69 and decided to fish at about 12 metres, I used a 4x12 Preston PB Inter, with a 16 B611 to 0.13 Preston Power Line. I started by potting in 4mm pellets and with a soft pellet on the hook I had skimmers right from the first cast. After 5 fish I hit a carp, and on Preston Hollo green elastic I was not in control, must get a pulla bung fitted. I landed the fish and it was about 6lb, I decided not to change the elastic and see if this was a one off, and I was straight back into the skimmers. But after another hour I hit another carp, this took ages to land and no wonder, it had to be close to 14lb! So I upped the elastic and never looked back. I carried on catching skimmers and had another 5 carp to 8lb.

It was an interesting day and I employed different feeding tactics during the day to see how the fish responded, I think Paul enjoyed himself and hopefully he picked up a few tips.

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