Tuesday, 7 April 2009

London calling

I didn't go fishing this weekend just gone, I took my wife for a weekend to London as a birthday present. I haven't been to London for many years, I prefer the country, and was taken aback at the place. We stayed in Knightsbridge, the hotel was over booked and so they put us in a hotel down the road.... which was five stars! A bit posh for me, breakfast was £22 per person (I usually pay that for bed and breakfast!) but luckily the original hotel included breakfast in the price and so they were paying. Then there was the mini bar... a packet crisps £3, small bottle of lager £4.50. Room service, pot of tea £4.50, but also add on service charge of £3 for the use of a tray! Flippin eck, I reckon Mike Nicholls would have fainted if he'd have seen the prices. Oh, hope that doesn't stop me getting that free pint on Friday Mike?

Went to Harrods and bumped into the owner, honest, Mr Al Fayed stood right next to me, along with his 4 body guards. Can you believe some people actually do their weekly shop in Harrods. The queue for eat in Pizza was crazy, especially when you realise a pizza for 2 was £40.

It was spot the normal car in this part of London, Mercs, Rolls Royce, Ferrari, Lamborghini, and lots more were all common sights. There was a nice flat available for rent, at £6,750 per week! No wonder it's all bankers and footballers who live here.

We also had to put up with the cast and crew of Spooks who were using our hotel for filming various scenes. Still these were about the only people we saw whose first language was English and did not have to say "pardon" to me when I spoke to them.

Well back to Cider Farm this weekend, should be travelling with Glenn Bailey if he is sober enough to drive. Apparently Glenn is now thinking about joining the navy after successfully Captaining a narrow boat along the K&A canal last weekend, sounds like "rum" do to me though...

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