Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Summerhayes Midweek Open

After a brief intro tonight's blog will take a different layout than my normal..

Had a lift with Tony Rixon in his bluemobile (colour and language both fit) and shared the seat with Fabio and I felt like a rose between two thorns ;-)  A nice breakfast in Shipham and then onto the venue to see how many locals were there. I had not fished this place for a few years, and so bad was my prior experience I had vowed never to return, but as Bob Gullick told me 1 visit doesn't give a true picture. Drew my peg (24) and asked venue regular Jamie Rich (via social networking) what was it like, he said it was a carp peg so no silvers rigs today.

Arrived at the peg and it looked nice with a nice looking far bank and the wind blowing into it. (Took photo lost it due to new phone back up shit I don't understand!)

Also the near margin had a tree over the water, it gave some shadow over the water but did stop me from fishing further down the bank which would have been nice as I had lots of room!

It is pointless me telling you about the rigs I set up, here goes a sort of timeline as best I recall it, of today's events.

11:15 All in Fed some pellets to margin right, and across by island. Started on paste at 9m, no bites.

11:30 Try across tight with depth rig, miss lots of bites / indications and lose two foulers. Snag up on underwater reeds / roots.

11:45 Try shallow rig, a few indications but no fish or foulers.

12:00 Deep rig on again across but more missed bites and snags. Wind changes direction and blows from left to right.

12:45 Wind making it impossible to fish across hooking more snags, tried margin and had a carp less than an ounce.

13:00 Set up method feeder in desperation. Left some micros to soak fo rtwo mins, shit forgot about them soaked to long.

13:10 cast out 15gm method, realised it was too small as could not cast accuarate, changed to a 30gm. Also pellets all wrong on feeder so knocked up some gbait to mix in.

13:15 Two hours in pole blown off rollers whilst about to cast out. Need to bin tripod rollers!

13:20 gbait and micro mix works well and first cast a small carp is landed

13:25 second small carp on method

13:35 A 3lb carp on method feeder.

13:50 All indications on method stop

14:15 now bored with method and no bites feed pellets to margin left and go for a walk.

15:00 3lb carp jumps out of keepnet into gbait bowl and into lake.

15:15 3lb Carp first drop next to pallet

15:25 Lose a fouler next to pallet

15:35 Lose a fish under pallet

15:40 hook snag lose hook length

15:50 hook snag lose hook length

16:00 Right hand margin produces nothing, fill it in with the gbait / micro mix

16:05 hat blows in lake, try pallet again with paste rig, hook a snag.

16:10 try across in a lull in the wind, catch 1 skimmer on 8mm pellet.

16:15 into RH margin maggot gets ragged, steal some dendras off John Bradford and catch a small carp.

16:20 catch a perch.

16:25 3lb carp jumps out of keepnet, getting pissed off now.

Switched to paste rig in RH margin hooked about 10 carp landed 6, plus a skimmer.

17:15 match ends, chuck back fish and pack up.

Fabio was opposite me and had the wind in his face, he won the match with 72lb.

Time to give it a go on the river I think, at least there I can fish like a buffoon with nobody watching me lol!


  1. Sorry mate but that's the best read I've had in a long while, it made me feel better about my last match, I've been in stitches reading it, third time lucky?

  2. Thanks Jamie, you've got to just shake your head and laugh at days like that! I'm looking forward to a holiday now lol!

  3. It just seemed to get worse and then your hat blew in and then another carp escaped..... I don't know what it is there but I've had several carp jump out of nets too!

  4. I can't believe a Bristol Avon diehard has been caught out by jumping fish, the chub in the Avon were partocularly adept at this!!

    Sounds like a torrid day Tim, in the old days at least there would have been a gathering in the pub afterwards to drown the sorrows, that is a rare thing after commercial matches.

  5. That's all true Chris, I couldn't even get a can! Luckily had some Thatchers at home.