Sunday, 7 September 2014

Superleague final round Newbridge

Last week carried on from Sunday (as far as my backside was concerned) and I was thinking about dropping out of the team mid week. However, I was so friggin busy in work and outside of work it slipped my mind and too late. Thankfully today was the best day I had in ages, shame I can't say the same about the fish (big sigh).

The Thatchers team was the same as last week but Colin Dance was in Ireland and so Nathaniel Johnson came in. I was hoping for a draw in the little field as it seems there are a few roach up there, or down the bottom of the trees. Alas the team draw put me on peg 51 which would be another nice walk in the warm sunshine. This peg had thrown up a few fish a couple of matches ago, and it can be good especially in winter. The only trouble is you're right on top of peg 52 and with many anglers having lots of room (next bloke above me was at least 70yds) I though I should fish peg 50. The lads either side were OK with this, but the more I though about it the more I thought I had to fish 51. The lad above me was the first peg in the section and my section ended down on about 65. Last week only a high 3lb was needed for 3rd in section so it could be a toughie.

Despite my pole line not really working for me in the previous two matches I had chatted to the rest of the team and was really fishing the same as them, some more positive some more negative. That being the case I went down the same track as last week on the pole line, set up the usual gbait feeder, but I also set up a 14BB crowquill just to give me a different presentation and to cast around a bit. Glen Calvert was my close neighbour on peg 52 and he asked if I wanted a £1, and of course I said yes.

On the whistle in go 14 balls on the pole and 6 smaller ones on the feeder line, picking up my pencil float rig and impaling a caster on the 20 hook I dropped in the rig and the float didn't go under, a couple of drop ins later and it did and a 2oz roach was swung in. During the next 20 mins I had a bite every cast on caster from 2oz to 4oz roach, then I bumped something bigger. I picked up the 2gm rig with a 18 hook on and dropped in with double red maggot, as the float settled it shot under, I struck and bumped a fish and the maggots were gone. Hmmm what's going on. No more bites on that rig so a quick look on the crowquill, a tiny perch, then a better perch that came off!!!!!  Then another perch that was about 8oz and that signalled the end of the bites.

A look on the feeder was about as entertaining as watching Bristol Rovers and after a biteless 30 mins I was back on the long pole for nothing at all. Drop in the edge for perch on worm, and 3 for about 14oz were all I caught here. At this stage I thought I had 3lb, Glen said he had 12oz. On 90 mins I tried the long pole again and had 2 roach in 2 chucks, they were the last roach I had for a very long time. The middle of the match followed the same pattern as last week and the only thing I did to avoid boredom was catch about 20 chub fry on a top set. With 2 hours to go Glen started to catch on a waggler right across, he didn't (and couldn't) feed anything that far across but when the river hardly flowed he caught bleak and small chub. I quickly nipped my crowquill off and replaced it with a waggler with a 20 to 0.10. That proved to be fruitless for me and I never had a bite, which did my head in and Glen even apologised for catching lol!

I'd tried putting some more gbait in on the pole line, and changing my feeding all to no avail, but then in the last 10 mins I had 3 roach out of the blue. The lad below Glen on the bream hole peg 54 informed Glen he had taken a bream and had 8lb, and roach had come out in the pegs below, oh dear!

When the scales got to peg 54 there was a 10lb and all the others were 5lb+, or more than me! Peg 54 weighed 8lb 8oz and the bream did him a big favour, Glen had 2lb 12oz, then I had 4lb 9oz, and the lonely guy above me on 49 had 3lb 10oz. Once again I beat the lads either side of me but this time no one else, the £1 from Glen being my only winnings in three river matches. Fucked if I know what I'm doing wrong, lol!

Back at the results a few of the other lads had struggled, but crucially we had 4 second in sections, and that gave us 40 points on the day which was good enough for 2nd place and as a result we won the league.

Individually the match was won today by Steve Tucker who at the last minute fished for Frenzee after seeing my message on facebook. Bunghole Steve drew peg 74, normally a very good peg but Richard Chave came last in section on it last time out. Steve though had a good day catching roach, then skimmers and 1 bream on the pole for an excellent 27lb.

Next week is the commercial house league first match, it is to be fished at Swineford, Crane and Jack Whites. I'm pegging the match out (no moaning please) and you get paid for pegging so at least that way I can guarantee some coin!

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