Sunday, 24 May 2015

Viaduct Spring League round 3

Must start off by saying what a great day out I had last Sunday watching Rovers win at Wembley, a lot of beer was consumed over the 18 hour day. To say I was a tad tired in work on Monday would be a slight understatement!

Back to this Sunday and Glenn was doing the honours driving, we stopped at Canards Well for breakfast and there was a lack of staff which although did not prevent us getting a brekkie it did take ages to pay, and only when I threaten to walk out did someone take my money. At the fishery talk was of how hard Carey had fished yesterday, and the feeling that the carp were really wanting to get started with spawning. I really hoped for a peg on Campbell and not one on Lodge (same as last time), but sadly my drawing arm let me down badly and peg 57 on Lodge has been one of the worst pegs on the league. That said fish have fins and I did once win a match off it many years ago.

Sadly I won't be spending too much time on this blog as things really did not go my way today, and it is not even worth mentioning the detail of my rigs since I only really caught on one. Peg 57 has nice pallet to fish to at 16m, but because the level is down it is very shallow and I found 2 feet of water about 2m out from the pallet, I never had anything here!  There is a shallow margin in close by some reeds, and I set up a rig to fish various baits over groundbait at 4m. I foul hooked 1 perch here! The only rig I caught on today was a 0.2g PC with 0.16 to 16 PR36 for banded pellet.

On the whistle I cupped in some 6mm pellets straight out in front at 14.5m and wasted bait in other areas. Shipping out with an 8mm pellet in the band I missed a bite fairly quickly, a couple of minutes later I went to lift the rig and a fish was on, had I fouled it? This was a heavy fish and it took a fair bit of getting in, when I finally got in the landing net it looked like a 12lb common. I picked the net up and I'm not quite sure how but I snapped the landing net handle on the bush. With no spare I got my extendable river bank sticks out and used them, heavy but they wouldn't break lol!  I shipped back out and fired a few 6mm pellets over the the top with a catty and dropped the rig in, it shot under straight away and another carp was hooked! Steve Seagar next door had a little moan at this, but no long after the carp had made its escape and straightened the hook. Here endeth the activity!

Odd fish were coming out but it was a slow start for most except Fabio on 66 and Ray Haywood on 64. After a couple of hours all I had added to my 1 carp was a few tiny skimmers, Steve was carpless, and Martin Preston on 53, Trig on 55 and Ben Haag on 59 all had 2 carp.  Not much was caught in the middle of the match, and in fact it was 3 hours and 35 mins into the match when I landed carp number 2, which looked like a 10lb common, on the 14.5m line. It was a one off and the remainder of the match all I caught was the 1 foul hooked perch in close.

My league was over, though I should have guessed that when I drew the peg. I weighed in, and the 2 carp went 23lb, and my silvers 5lb for a very lowly 28lb. That weigh actually beat 3 people in my 7 peg section which just goes to show had hard Lodge is fishing at present. My section was won by the ultra consistent Trig with 99lb, just beating Martin Preston. Lodge lake was won by Andy Power on peg 73, who after a poor start got things going in the second half of the match catching long on worm and caster, and in his margin over gbait, he did really well. Just a couple of pegs away Dan White had just the 1 carp, and some other Viaduct regulars found Lodge hard going.

Over on Carey Glenn had been slaying the carp on the lead from virtually his first cast, and he ended with 211lb which was good enough for 3rd and last in the money (just beating Tony Rixon by 1lb). Winner on the day was Giles Cochrane on peg 86 with 280lb all on the lead, Giles has taken this league by storm and not had less than 200lb I think.

I took my gear back to the car and as I took my jacket off my iphone fell out and onto the concrete floor and smashed the screen. My day was now complete lol! Although I had not had the best of days I had enjoyed the banter on the lake and you have to go through the bad days to appreciate the good ones. I still had a smile on my face and was pleased for my travelling partner, and being back here next week I at least know I cannot draw Lodge again, yay!

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