Sunday, 31 May 2015

Tony Rixon's Float Only Series

I had a nice week with a day off work in the middle to spend the day with the wife as we have been married 20 years this month. Celebrated it again Saturday night at San Carlos Italian restaurant in Bristol, great food a cracking bottle of wine and my wallet was considerably lighter! Woke up a few times in the night and it was raining and windy every time, same at 7am when I got up.

Travelling on my own today as Glenn is off getting a sun tan. Packed my car and was on my way and hoping the rain would abate. I'm not sure if it was the wine but I somehow managed to drive off without my pellets, I only realised when I was about half way to Viaduct. I rang the wife and asked did I leave them outside, no she said but you left the shed door wide open! Not to worry I can buy pellets at the fishery.

Bumped into Gordon Cannings at Canards Well and we had breakfast in quick time as it was quiet today. At the fishery and the car park was quite busy, I paid my monies to Tony and not long after pulled my peg. I was fairly shocked but also happy to see that I had drawn peg 123 again, once again I had not drawn Carey. I was told that Ian Parsons had taken 44lb of tench from this peg on Thursday on corn, and whilst a section win was my primary concern I'd happily catch some of them too. My section went round to Mike Nicholls on 116 with Clint Wojtyla 121, Tom Magnall on 119 and a Scouse lad whose name I forget on 118. To my right in the next section I had Lee Wherret on 124 and Shaun Townsend on 125 both of those guys have been doing well here.

I set up rigs as follows; a 3AAA waggler for banded pellet to the top bank, a 4x12 PB Carp 3 for banded pellet at 13m, a 0,2g PC for meat at 6m, and a 4x10 Durafloat for the margin at about 6m. 0.17 hooklength was used on all rigs, with a PR36 to 16 for banding, and a 12 PR478 on corn and meat. Plumbing up I did a stupid thing and held my pole on the 6m section with all the sections on, the wind blew and the section snapped in my hands, twat! Luckily I had a spare.

On the whistle I put a big pot of corn and 4mm pellet in the margin, fed some 6mms to the top bank, and cupped some 4mm and 6mm to 13m. It didn't take long for indications, but sadly the first two fish I hooked were foulers, though after 30 mins I had 2 in the net and lost another. Lee and Shaun were also suffering foulers.

I gave the 13m line an hour and had 4 carp before it went quite dead, I decided on cheeky look in the margin and a tench first drop was followed by a small skimmer then nothing. Not to worry early doors. Back out long and with nothing doing I picked the waggler up. The wind was blowing off my back (the guys opposite really did look uncomfortable) and that actually made feeding and casting to the top bank very tricky. I did catch a carp here and missed a couple of bites, but this soon also stopped showing any indications. Clint on 121 had started well in my section, but nobody else was doing much. Lee and Shaun were still fishing long and were struggling, but when I went out long I hit a carp straight away, but then had a number of indications which I didn't connect with. Back in the margin and a big skimmer and a tench and then nothing again.

A pattern was emerging, clearly the fish were not in proper feeding mood, and virtually every time I went in on a rested line I would get a fish or at least some indications before the fished moved off. I took a few more carp on the waggler, but the last two hours here were impossible as the wind got so strong I couldn't hold the float in place. The long pellet line became redundant, but I took a few carp on my 6m meat line, as well as more tench and a few carp in the margin. I tried toss potting, loose feeding and big pot feeding in the margin, none seemed to make any difference it was always a couple of fish then nothing. I suppose it was a steady day of catching by working all your lines, but it never felt like bagging, but the carp I caught were a good size. After the match I reckoned I had 100lb of carp and 25lb of silvers, and I thought that would do me well in the section based upon what was being said,

The scales came up from peg 132, and Shaun was top on this bank with 161lb (he had a good spell on the waggler and had a few late meat fish), Lee then weighed 116lb. My turn, my silvers went 24lb, my second net of carp (clicked at 40lb) went 41lb, and my first net of carp (clicked at 62lb) went 75lb and so I lost 5lb! Hmmm how did I get that net do wrong?? My total weight was recorded at 135lb, and as it turned out I did win my section as Clint was next best with 109lb.

Nice to make a good start to the league, and I feel like I fished a reasonable match but maybe pellet in the margin alone might have been better than corn???

Winner today was Tony with 170lb+ from form peg 114 (he always seems to do well in this league) and he just beat Craig Edmunds who drew 96. Rich Lacey was 3rd with 169lb (exactly what he had on his clicker!) and Shaun was 4th,

Silvers was won by Glenn Calvert with 44lb I think, I believe the top 4 silvers weights all came from Carey.

I really have to stop breaking things, it is costing me an arm and a leg. Back down Viaduct again next week for the spring league, with temperatures supposed to be rising the carp might be spawning, that might mean a tricky day....

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