Sunday, 10 May 2015

Viaduct Spring League

Having Alan Oram guest for me on the first match and win the section I was set up nicely for round two. However, I had picked up man flu earlier in the week and it seemed to go to my chest as I was struggling breathing and continually coughing, ended up staying in bed most of Friday. I decided on Saturday I had improved a bit and hoped that would continue on Sunday so with Glenn driving I set a few rigs up but really didn't do much.

Sunday morning and after a lot of "ahem-ing" to clear my sinuses and chest I felt a bit better. A cooked breakfast in Canards Well was also a nice way to start the day, although a trip to the loo soon after was not!

Plenty of famous faces at the fishery and it's not really possible to draw a section without very good anglers in. With Campbell, Carey and Lodge in I hoped to get a peg on Campbell as first choice, Carey 2nd and Lodge 3rd. Into the draw tin and out comes 69 on Lodge, hmmm, Glenn had it on Thursday Costcutter and did well but it fished hard all round. Glenn drew 96 which can be very good on Carey. Des Shipp commented that he would draw next to me, and he then drew peg 78 and said, see told you I would! Between Trigger and myself we explained to Des that 69 is not next to 78 PMSL, and Trig reminded Des of that on the lake so all on Carey heard lol!

Off to my peg and I was given some great info, lead rod with conker, meat long and short, pellet long and in margin, oh and Glenn caught on paste! Great anglers with all different advice because of how they had recently caught on the lake / and the way they like to fish. I tried to think about all this and stuck to what I tend to do. So a lead rod was set up but was for back up really, at 13m towards the aerator I had a 4x12 PB Carp for banded pellet and a paste rig. A 0,25g PC for meat at 5m, and a 4x10 durafloat for the margins. 0.16 to 0.18 was the main stay of line.

Even before the match had started  I had made two visits to the fishery toilet and I was worried about my lot today. I was walking back to the peg when the all in was shouted, and just as I started feeding some 6mm pellets at 13m Mash on the Monk had a carp, and the lad opposite him on 66 had one. My pellet rig sat there at 13m and after 20 mins I was biteless, while Mash had 3 carp. I was in a Welsh sandwich and the lads either side had chucked the lead to start, to my left he had nowt but to my right he did have a carp and a skimmer. I tried my paste rig at 13m and 15 mins later that was up the bank and I chucked the lead about 18m and fed a few 8mm pellets. I spent about 40 mins on the tip and had 3 skimmers, which really didn't do my confidence for carp any good (there is no silvers payout either). The lad to my right was now catching on meat at about 7m, silvers and odd carp, the lad to my left had 1 skimmer and 1 carp on the lead. I didn't get the Welsh lads names cos they couldn't understand me!

Two hours into the match I had my first carp of the day, it came on my 5m meat line and I foul hooked one here a bit after and had a skimmer. I spent the next 2 1/2 hours watching fish being caught around me, whilst I had 1 skimmer on paste and lost a fouler, it was very grim, then I took a carp on the meat again. Welsh lefty had been stuck on 2 carp, but with 2 hours to go he went up to the empty pallet on 67 and had a good run of carp, but lost as many. On my right I was glad of the bush as Welshy 2 was emptying it, whilst the other side of him Trevor Senior had no carp at all! I had been throwing meat into my left margin for ages but it never produced a bite.

With an hour to go I had another carp on the meat line, this one had to be near 14lb but I could only foul one other carp here. I started throwing handfuls of pellets into my right margin by the bush (less than a top set) and I obviously left this far too late because I had 3 drop ins, missed a bite and had 2 commons, the largest about 12lb landed after the whistle.

I knew I had been well and truly spanked today, and this match would be a right off. My section started on the Monk where Mash had 115lb, another Welsh lad on 66 had 221lb (he might have won the match), Welsh 2 on 68 had 70lb, then my 5 carp went 51lb and my 5 skimmers 9lb 4oz. Welshy 3 on 70 destroyed my already messed up ass putting 180lb on the scales. Then Trev had 22lb of silvers and he never hooked a carp on peg 71, lastly Ade Crawley struggled badly on 73, so I ended up beating just 2 people.

Amazing that those carp seemed happy to sit in 70 and not move, he caught on meat. Maybe I would have caught more had I fished up to the rope, and in my RH margin sooner, but I honestly thought the carp would move around a bit! Chip shop sausage today.

I never spoke to Glenn during the match, this was due to him dropping his iphone in the lake before the start, oops! He did retrieve it by scooping it out with his landing net on his third attempt, his first two scoops got a roach and a eel! We shot off as we had no money and by now I had no pants and I didn't want to mess up Glenn's passenger seat. I know there were some 200lb+ weights on Carey Trig on peg 98 and Giles Cochrane on 94. I'm sure Chris Fox will have the full result, I hope!

No fishing next weekend as I'm off to Wembley on Sunday, I certainly hope that will be a better day out than this Sunday lol!

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