Saturday, 14 March 2009


I have to make an apology about my last post, as I feel I was biased towards one of the teams taking part. So please let me say sorry to the Garbolino team, I omitted to say well down lads on a good performance, even if you did draw flyers in the first four sections! A fine bit of canal fishing, well you have got a lot of bread heads in the team....

Chavey, thanks for your comments, and, as you asked, yes I can confirm BATHAMPTON CAME LAST ON THEIR OWN WATER IN THE ATWL!

I'm not fishing this weekend which means I'm going to miss the last day on the river, and what I expect to be a decent match up at Newbridge. My team Nige Evans rang me for some advice and I said take one feeder rod if you want to win it! Seriously I'd take a float rod too, because if you've not drawn on bream you might as well get a days fishing in. Apparently 50lb won the Wednesday match off peg 39, this was bream on the feeder and was taken by river expert Derek Coles.

I've heard some strange rumours this week, firstly that Drennan have pulled out of sponsoring the Super League, so not sure what will happen now. More disturbing is that Mike Nicholls is in fact a NINJA TURTLE ! Apparently old "Senile" (as Ian Spriggs affectionately named Mike) was fishing at Avalon Wednesday just gone (see his blog) and whilst trying to sit down mistook his net bag box for his seat box! According to sources (lets just say Avon Angling) Mike then became trapped and his arms and legs were flailing around as he became wedge in his box and couldn't move. As he got onto his side the box was still wedged to his back, like a shell on a Ninja Turtle! Mike, perhaps you could recreate this situation, film it and put it on your blog, could also be £250 on you've been framed!

Took a quick walk down Conham yesterday, only a couple of anglers there, one had a couple of bream and lots of roach, the other was stalking and had taken 6 chub and a couple of bream. It was here that a story was relayed to me about an old friend that I haven't seen for a while, names have been changed to protect the dozy twonks! It was Xmas day and Ken (Dad) and Martin (Son) had had plenty of Xmas Cheer and whilst mum was asleep and everyone was relaxing after the turkey they heard a noise that sounded like gas! They searched high and low for 2 hours and could not find the source of the gas leak, they could hear it but not smell it (hmmm) so eventually called the Gas Man! One very grumpy Gas engineer turns up on Xmas day and starts to look for the leak, eventually he recognises that the noise only can be heard when Martin is in the room.... A quick search of Martin reveals a small transistor radio (Xmas present) in his pocket which was not tuned in making a hissing noise!!!!! One very very grumpy Gas engineer told him where to shove the radio and went back to his family !


  1. Only one person witnessed this. I was under the impression that he would keep it to himself! This is totally out of character!!!

  2. The net box incident has been over elaborated by yhou know who - anyway what is an Ninja Turtle!