Monday, 30 March 2009

Sedges delight

I had to be a taxi service last Friday, all the way to Bishops Lydeard, so decided to pleasure fish the Sedges. A quick email to full time commercial venue angler Mike Nicholls gave me all the info I needed. I was amazed when I arrived, the venue had changed a great deal since the last time I'd fished there in 2007. It looked very tidy and well laid out with many improvements, such as hardcore roads, use of fishery nets and lots more fish! I set up on peg 27 on tile lake which was not to badly affected by the wind and rain, but I still needed a 0.75g float to keep steady presentation.

I decided to only fish about 8mtrs out to combat the wind, and went for an all out pellet approach as Mike had suggested. I started feeding micro pellet and a few 4mm pellets, with soft pellet on the hook (18 B911). It wasn't long before I was into stockie carp of 8oz to 2lb, and I was getting a bite a chuck. I then only fed the 4mm pellets and dropped in about 20 every other fish, this worked well for about 4 hours. I then tried cupping in a decent amount of micros and within 10 minutes of doing so I had taken 3 bream from 2 to 3lbs and then did battle with a lump! On 0.12mm line this was fun, but eventually I landed an 11lb mirror. I estimated that at the end of 5 hours I had 70lb of stockies, 12lb of skimmers/bream and that lump for about 90lb.

I have to say this was a fabulous day, getting bites, but having to work out the best feeding pattern and fight the elements for presentation, all made for a lot of satisfaction. I just wish this place was nearer as I always seem to do well here, my first 3 matches I fished on brick lake a few years ago, gave me 3 wins and weights all over 100lb (best 178lb which included 50lb of skimmers). When's the next match here anyone?

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