Sunday, 26 January 2014

Filling in at Landsend Fishery

On Tuesday I saw that Aaron Britnell was looking for someone to take his place at Landsend W/L and I thought I'd give it a go. The weather forecast wasn't to bad, but by Thursday it was looking like being a wet and windy day. Of course it was very wet and windy and that is the reason for no photos today!

My first visit to Shipham cafe for a while and I really enjoyed the brekkie, and talking to the lads in the there they said the venue was fishing hard with 53lb winning on Saturday from peg 15 but a few anglers really struggled. As this match was an open draw I hoped I would not draw lake 3 for two reasons; 1) It could be very exposed to the elements except for the far end, 2) One of my trolley wheels inner tube had disintegrated the day before, and so it would be a long walk! I drew alongside 2 other bloggers, Tony Rixon 15 (winning peg from Sat) Chris Fox 41 (a flyer but wind might muck it up), and I came out with 39 on Speci. It is not the best of areas and trying to get some good vibes proved impossible, although Bob Gullick said I might get some skimmers. The main problem with this peg is that you are up against 31, 32, 33 and 34 all flyers, with 33 and 34 in my section. Peg 40 can be good if the fish are in residence, and on that peg today was my team mate Gary O'Shea.

Rigs today were a 0.3g PB Inter4 with 0.12 to 18 PR412 to fish two lines at 14.5m, the same float but it was a bit shallower, to fish at 16m down to peg 38, and a 4x12 thingy with the same 0.12 to 18 PR412 to fish caster on top the island shelf at 16m and it also did for my margins. To start the match I fed casters right across and one of my 14.5m lines, micros on the other 14.5m line, casters in the margins, and micros on the long line to 38 (where I never had a bite all day!). The wind and rain at this stage were not very nice as it was in my face, but I could fish long no problem. By the time I dropped my rig in the lad on peg 25 had 1 carp and then hooked another. It took me 40 mins to get a bite which came from my caster line at 14.5m, and I landed a 2lb+ skimmer. The guy on 25 still had 2 carp but had lost 5, Gary had lost a carp but had 2 F1 and a perch from on top the shelf. I followed suit and went on top my far shelf, I had to wait 10 mins and then a bite and I'd hooked a perch, I played it carefully and gratefully scooped up a 1lb+ fish. No more bites so on to other lines.

It was a quiet next 40 mins with only 2 tiny perch coming from my deep lines on a single maggot, Gary had a carp and pegs 33 and 34 were catching well and I was already playing catch up. I decided to concentrate on catching silvers (my feeding up to now had been light so no probs) as it was my best chance for any coin. Back right across and another 1lb+ perch, and after another 15 min wait a perch nearer 2lb was netted. Sadly this went very quiet, and actually I never had another bite here again apart from 1 roach. The margin lines were then tried, I was forced to try them as a storm whipped up fierce winds and it was time to hold on to everything! The left hand margin never produced a bite, but a 8oz perch and a 3lb common came from the right hand side on single caster. Gary then had a good run of fish and his last 90mins were his best. No more bites in my margin until an hour to go when I had a 5lb carp, but I needed silvers so back out on the long lines and a another 2lb+ skimmer on a caster, which was to be my last fish.

During the day I missed just one bite, and lost the one roach, which I was happy with, I've had quite a bit of success landing perch on PR412 (famous last words lol!). I knew I had done no good but I felt happy with how things had gone considering the peg. My two carp went 8lb+ and my silvers 10lb 4oz which only beat 1 person in my 6 pegs, but I was top silvers weight. Silvers on my lake was won by Clint Wojtila on peg 28 with a good 18lb of skimmers mostly caught in last 2 hours, I think I was 2nd to him. Garys 5 carp and his silvers went 38lb so I had a lesson from him. Down on peg 34 a Scouse lad Dave Oldham had a great day fishing across on a soft pellet and had 119lb of carp for a big win. Peg 31 wasn't drawn so I bet that helped him a tad, but that takes nothing away from him doing really well.

Full results on Ken Rayners blog as I went home to try and get some use of my fingers, I mean warm them up by the fire! Viaduct next week, guesting for the Silverfox.

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