Sunday, 7 January 2018

Commercial House Round 5 K&A Canal

Happy New Year to everyone, hope you have a good start to the new year.

Fifth match of the 6 round series and I was running late today as I am having a few bowel issues at present, I think I need to drink more to loosen things up lol! Ian Pauley, AKA bloodworm runner, rang me early to say he would be late bringing the bait as he had a slow puncture. I felt sorry for Ian as he was supposed to be fishing a match on the Gloucester and was dropping the bait off on the way.

I had a quick bacon sarnie as I was late and paid my pools to Mark Harper. Mark did the draw for our team (we are doing poorly and Mark looked for volunteers to draw but none came lol) and came back with some right shite. I was still tucking into my sarnie when Mark told me I was in F section, up at the George and somewhere near where I drew in the Com House Xmas match which was shite.

I parked up in the bottom of the George pub car park, put my car model and registration number on a bit of paper and posted it through the pub letter box to prevent getting a fine. I took a steady walk up the canal and couldn't believe it when I saw that I was on the exact same peg as the Xmas match when I had 11oz, balls, bugger... To my right was Paul Elms who was one peg away from where he was in the same match, so we both felt sorry for each other! To my left was the legend that is Brian Melksham. It was going to be easy setting up as all my rigs were intact from the last match, not even worth mentioning them though...

I began the match stupidly or hopefully on the bread at 4.5m, just like last time I never had a bite on it, and in fact not one person in the section did, shite. 15 mins gone and I could not see the bread going so I fed some negative joker swims, 3 across, one at 5m, and by the boats on my inside. I also fed chopped worm swims as far to my left and right that I could.

Last time here I caught a few early fish on bloodworm across, but not today, there were no roach in the swim it seemed and I had no bites on the drop. I went over the chopped worm lines, nothing, so I picked up the bloodworm rig again and put a pinkie on and tried this on all my lines, I finally had a bite on this over my chopped worm line and a 1 1/2oz perch broke the blank. That was my only bite on a pinkie.

I took the very odd perch of my far lines, if I missed a bite I would get one again and, and if I missed that I would get one again and catch a tiny perch, then no more bites and off to another line. Basically it felt all day long that there was never more than 1 or 2 fish over my bait and then it was a 30 minute wait at least for another bite.

Brian was catching the odd ruffe all day long at 5m on pinkie over joker, Paul Elmes after a long time blanking had sort of regular bites for the last two hours from tiny roach

I caught 1 perch under the boat to my left, two to my right. 1 perch at 5m, and the rest all across on a single bloodworm.

I think everyone was happy when the match ended, going by the loud cheers lol. Once again this section had fished pants, but Jack Jones had won the section comfortably with 2lb, which included a 1lb+ perch, well done Jack that was a very good weight. Second in the section was Kev Dicks who was on the end peg of the match and had a few roach late for 14oz. Brian had a 13oz nest of ruffe and I had 9 1/2oz of perch and just 3 ruffe. Paul next to me had 9oz, close then.

I was second in the A division behind Kev Dicks, so good for the team.

I got back to the results to find we had a disaster, my team had 12 points in total to come last! I had 4 of those points, Mark Harper got wet somehow (slipped in) and feeling very cold he packed up and went home, cant say I blame him as it was bitter. Our team are well out of it, but the other Thatchers team are still winning the league despite doing shite too. Bathampton won the day off the end peg, they mad no mistake.

Winner on the day was Craig Pinker who after walking From Richardsons, to Darlington, to the Wooden Bridge had 7lb+ and won the match very easily. I think Mike Withy was second from the bridge by Meadow Farm with 5lb+, and Nicky Johns had 4lb 14oz from the white gate by the George, a peg which has framed every match.

The canal has fished very poorly today, with many sections being won with less than a pound. I don't know why it is fishing so bad but this year it has been the worst I have known it for more than 10 years. In the past even on a poor peg you could catch on bloodworm, but not now. I am not fishing the match next week, the final round, as I am playing carp bingo at Viaduct. Good luck to all of you on the canal, I hope it has a miraculous recovery!

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