Sunday, 1 November 2015

No real blog - just...

I didn't fish today as I was only briefly back in the UK from a lovely time in Barcelona, and then I'm off first thing to Munich on business.

I did walk / run the bank at Newbridge today where the Avon had a lot of colour and it was fishing really hard. Some anglers were blanking after a couple of hours, some went for bleak out of desperation but that often turned out to be a good plan.

Very few bream showed but as ever a few did come out late. Bathampton won on the day by 2 points over Thatchers, and it sounded like Andy Britt's last came bream that won him the section probably got his team the win.

I don't know what caused the river to fish so poorly perhaps the water was cold and the fish need to acclimatise. It'll probably fish well in the week, hope it improves for the Poppy Match next week!


  1. Tim, I'm thinking of paying a visit to the avon tomorrow, probably down by cadburys for the chub, (maybe the chance of a barbel). Do you think it will be worth it after the heavy rain?

  2. Sorry Edward, I only just saw your comment. I wouldn't have fished for chub today as they don't like dirty water normally. However, Barbel to like dirty water so theat would have been a chance. If the river starts to drop and the colour starts to drop out then chub would be a target.