Friday, 25 July 2014

Acorn Tuesday Tenner

The thing about blogging is no matter how bad a day you have, you do have to write something, well that is my view anyway. Tuesday at Acorn was one of those last minute decisions, and I'd text Ray Bazeley the night before to check I could fish, and he said yes.

Traffic on the way down was not that bad thanks to the school holidays, and I arrived with lots of time to enjoy a leisurely breakfast. It was good to see Julian Pinkett and his little brother (shit cannot remember his name, well it was 30 years ago!) from the old Silver Dace days, top blokes with happy faces. I was hoping that my drawing arm would get me in a decent area, sadly peg 19 didn't do it for me. There was however, a problem, a peg short in the bag! There was though no redraw as the organiser/s elected to add in a certain peg number and asked the lad without a peg if he would be happy to fish it, he said yes so job done. Shame, I fancied a redraw lol! At this point I felt a rumbling in my abdomen, I rushed to the bog to find no toilet paper, shit, and I did.... That was a crap start to the day!

Finally got to my peg and was told some larger fish had come from this peg recently and my hopes were raised. Harry Muir was once again on peg 21 next to the bridge, and on my right on peg 18 was Darren (Vowles?) from Clevedon. Darren had obviously thought nobody was on peg 19 as his car was parked where I would need to ship my pole, and he proceeded to have a little moan about things, but not directed at me I might add. With larger fish in the area and the paste working that was my number one choice, I picked a line at top set plus two. A margin rig for paste was set up but that only got me one roach so no more about that line! I set up two rigs for the far side, a 4x10 durafloat for fishing on the deck in 18" of water, and shallow rig that once again caught eff all!

On the whistle I fed a pot of 6mm for the paste line and went across with a toss pot and a few 8mm pellets with my depth rig. A few liners and signs of fish shallow so I tried shallow but a few more liners and the fish went. The paste line was fizzing so on to this and sod all. Thirty mins and I needed another crap, so I went behind my car (don't worry not on the floor!). Eventually just before the end of the first hour I had a carp and a tench in 2 chucks across on the deck on an 8mm pellet. Sadly that was that and with the searing heat and lack of wind the fish shut up shop. That is other than a pound skimmer I caught by hooking a swivel on some old line that was attached to the skimmer!

Darren was trying very hard to find fish, but I think it took him 2 hours to get a carp. I was now only managing 30 mins on my box before having to drop my trousers and it was getting me down as was the lack of any signs of fish. Darren then had a run of carp on the method feeder across, I reckon he had 8 and then that died. With two hours to go I had nicked a few carp on the paste, and then had a nice run across with a couple of F1's, a tench and a few carp. This died again, and with my arse exploding (Darren thought I had a bladder problem lol!) I just was not enjoying things. As soon as the whistle went I packed up and tipped back my fish, just wanting to get home and get cleaned up.

Pegs on the island 9 and 4 were 1st and 2nd but the weights were 70 or 80lb, a lot less than of recent.

A shitty day, I guess I knew it had to happen sooner or later. Nice to hear my Thatchers team mate and triple bypass operation survivor Nick Ewers is back out fishing. He won the silvers Thursday at Viaduct, not sure he's ready for the walks up Swineford this autumn though, ha! Keep up the recovery Nick.

Off to Woodlands on Sunday, a place that I've never won a bean at, I'll be hoping that I can change that this time. Anyone got a butt plug, lol?

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